Dead Sea scrolls

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(Old Testament) a collection of written scrolls (containing nearly all of the Old Testament) found in a cave near the Dead Sea in the late 1940s

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One section written in proto-Hebrew did not appear to belong to any of the 1,000 manuscripts known today, causing researchers to wonder if there were parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls that had never been discovered.
The Hebrew of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Atlanta: Scholars Press.
Continue reading "Germany: Dead Sea Scrolls Don't Belong to Israel" at...
These scrolls are called the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the discovery caused a frantic search for more.
A respected, careful, experienced scholar has furnished a valuable map of the terrain of Dead Sea Scrolls studies, filled with directions for fruitful research.
A bit of good fortune amplified their efforts when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.
Rediscovering the Dead Sea Scrolls: An Assessment of Old and New Approaches and Methods, edited by Maxine Grossman.
Bringing new light of context to the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls have been a constantly debated theological topic.
The Dead Sea Scrolls are now accessible and searchable to the entire world online.
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It's taken 24 centuries, the work of archaeologists, scholars and historians, and the advent of the Internet to make the Dead Sea Scrolls accessible to anyone in the world.
It's no joke - you can now scroll through the Dead Sea Scrolls on your computer.
THE Dead Sea Scrolls were found by a Bedouin shepherd between 1947 and 1956 in 11 caves along the north-west shore of the Dead Sea.
The Jordanian government, in an ongoing effort to regain the Dead Sea Scrolls from Israel, will ask the US and Italian governments to seize the 2,000-year-old artifacts when they are exhibited in the two countries later this year, Minister of Tourism Maha Khatib said Thursday.
Throughout the run of the exhibition Dead Sea Scrolls: Words that Changed the World, a comprehensive series of 14 scholarly talks--The Anne Tanenbaum Lecture series--provided a forum for discussion of topics ranging from "Women in the Dead sea scrolls" to "The scribes of Qumran." The series drew speakers to the ROM from around the globe, including the most renowned scholars on the Bible and the scrolls themselves.