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Synonyms for ringer

one exactly resembling another

Synonyms for ringer

a person who rings church bells (as for summoning the congregation)

a person who is almost identical to another

a contestant entered in a competition under false pretenses

(horseshoes) the successful throw of a horseshoe or quoit so as to encircle a stake or peg

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The Dead Ringers team - Mark Perry, Phil Cornwell, Jan Ravens, Jon Culshaw and Kevin Connelly
Dead Ringers impressionist Jon Culshaw made a televised appeal for help finding Mrs Chenery-Wickens days after she went missing, and attended her funeral last month.
Dead Ringers impressionist Jon Culshaw made a televised appeal for help in finding Mrs Chenery-Wickens days after she went missing.
Emmerdale...Kevin Connelly - spot on as Andrew Neil (Dead Ringers)...Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond)...Simon Rouse as DCI Jack Meadows (The Bill) ...and Todd Carty (The Bill) - more vigilante thug than avenging angel Gabriel.BRILLIANT romantic comedy Just Good Friends is finally out on DVD and I have FIFTEEN up for grabs (each worth pounds 24.99).
Even more austere than Crash (1996) but suffused with a tenderness reminiscent of Dead Ringers (1988), Spider is an existential tragedy about impossible love--specifically, about the longing to return to a lost childhood paradise defined by the symbiotic bond between mother and infant.
While he's never seen satirist Rory Bremner as a rival, he is worried about BBC Two's new impressions series Dead Ringers which, like McGowan's show, makes gentle digs at well-known celebrities.
Absolom, 9 Dead Ringers 10 Joanna Lumley Pierce Brosnan, 7 Robbie Williams, 8 Joe 4 Sir David Attenborough, 5 The Grants, 6 1 Jack Dee, 2 Jenny Seagrove, 3 Dead Ringers,
So, for example, we'd take the feeling I get watching a David Cronenberg movie--dread--like Dead Ringers, one of my favorite movies.
Reduced Fat Triscuits clock in at just three grams, and they're dead ringers for ordinary Triscuits.)
Here, in the middle of David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers, we encounter a situation common to many horror stories.
DEAD RINGERS Tom and Mark Cindy Crawford and Kaya DNA MATCH: 5/5 Katie Holmes and SuriDNA MATCH: 3/5 Lindsay Lohan and mum Dina DNA MATCH: 3/5 David Beckham and RomeoDNA MATCH: 3/5 Miley Cyrus and mum TishDNA MATCH: 2/5 Gary Lineker and George DNA MATCH: 5/5 Goldie Hawn & Kate HudsonDNA MATCH: 2/5 Kirk Douglas and Michael DNA MATCH: 4/5 Jarvis Cocker and Albert DNA MATCH: 5/5 Brad Pitt and ShilohDNA MATCH: 4/5 Bruce Willis and RumerDNA MATCH: 2/5 Madonna and Lourdes DNA MATCH: 3/5 Martin Sheen & Emilio Estevez DNA MATCH: 4/5 Heath Ledger and Matilda DNA MATCH: 3/5 Vanessa Redgrave & Joely Richardson DNA MATCH: 4/5 Will Smith and Jaden DNA MATCH: 3/5
Mrs Chenery-Wick-ens, 48, who has worked on shows including Dead Ringers, The League of Gentlemen and Casualty, was reported missing by her husband, David, on January 24.
Behind the scenes of the satirical impressions show Dead Ringers, which had mad a successful transition to television.
DEAD RINGERS: Brad, above, and Lacey as an SS officer PACIFICCOASTNEWS