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Walking through St Pancras station in his full clown outfit and make-up, accompanied by mad Mrs Wren (now painted as Mrs Ladybird Face) and carrying a dead Nazi's frozen head, he declared: "I hate London, it's a s**thole - and it's full of weirdoes."
His defense was that looting was common in Germany and that, as the treasure belonged either to dead Nazis or SS members, the property could not be returned to them.
He will be able to analyze that past data and rethink in mente the ideas of the dead Nazis who had allegedly located the doctrine, but not in time to perfect it and use its power.
"This caused an outcry - why would Jews want to do a Catholic death mass - until he said it was for the dead Nazis."
However, the month was drawing to a close when I found that Levy and Elie Wiesel, who chases dead Nazis instead of Israeli Nazis, in addition to Claude Lanzmann, director of the film "Shoah," wrote a letter inciting the world to oppose the nomination of the Egyptian Minister of Culture Farouk Hosny for the post of Director-General of the UNESCO in Paris.