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a nonenterprising person who is not paying his way

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a train or bus or taxi traveling empty

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Then a plug is installed in front of the injection unit to "dead head" the press, Next, the newly patented non-return valve locks in the open position.
The Danish military Gulfstream jet returned to Damascus 20 minutes into the flight after the discovery of a written note with the words "dead head".
Colin, 43, said: "It means 'woodenhead' or 'dead head'.
The iconic 1994 work, Away From The Flock, comprises a lamb suspended in a tank of formaldehyde and is included with other pieces including 1991 selfportrait With Dead Head.
"My family all have nice gardens and my grandchildren love to help me plant out flowers and weed and dead head when they visit.
Dead Head Fred's not for kids - there's some choice language and grisly scenes.
Dead head regularly to encourage new blooms and remove dead leaves from base of plants to prevent rot.
Can you spot Black Spot?Are you aware of the best time to prune and dead head? If not, then you probably aren't getting the best results from your roses.
My own top ten best plants for baskets are Impatiens (good in shady spots), Surfinia Petunias (cascading and continuous flowering without the need to dead head), perennial Nemesia (superb in baskets and containers), Diascia (some are fully hardy), Verbena (dead head for summer long flowers), Trailing Pelargoniums (superb for those hot, sunny spots), Trailing Lobelia (fills gaps in baskets better than any other), Calibrachoa (Million bells relative of Petunia), Helichrysum (silver or golden foliage plants to help soften the brighter colours, Bidens (a great filler with yellow flowers).
When you dead head make sure you remove the flower stalks as well.