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Synonyms for deactivate

remove from active military status or reassign

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make inactive

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Full EAS suite covering detection, deactivators, detachers, labels, sensors, designed to help retailers address high-theft, high-velocity categories for comprehensive store inventory protection.
Cytokines can interact with each other as agonists (activators), antagonists (deactivators) and synergists (enhance the actions) of other cytokines.
These reactions alter the solubility and accessibility of targeted compounds so that they may be carried to a site to act as activators or deactivators (inhibitors) of a process.
The new security catalog features alarm displays, box wraps, cable locks, tags, detachers, deactivators, safe cases, gates, security hooks, anti-sweep hooks and general-purpose security solutions.
(4) The CYP3A subfamily is a group of enzymes that are key deactivators of testosterone.
The electrodepositable coating composition is comprised of a resinous phase dispersed in an aqueous medium, the resinous phase is comprised of one or more ungelled, active hydrogen-containing ionic salt group-containing resins, which are electrodepositable on an electrode; one or more curing agents; one or more metal deactivators; and curing the coated substrate.
He describes the additives according to function, such as plasticizers, optical brighteners, lubricants, nucleating agents, dehydrochlorination stabilizers, metal deactivators, and compatibilizers.
In addition, 14 cellphone deactivators for the 3G spectrum are also being installed to jam all mobile networks inside Parliament and the surrounding areas in case of an attack.
Development and testing is currently underway on natural impact modifiers and metal deactivators for PLA.
Some examples include extreme pressure additives, corrosion inhibitors, metal deactivators and antioxidants.
The tank moves along a track that exposes the medical device to nine EAS systems and five tag deactivators that use various types of magnetic, acoustic-magnetic, and radio frequency technologies.
These types of materials along with sulfur compounds and amines can also act as permanent catalyst deactivators if not controlled, so it is important that addition cure silicones be mixed in clean environments, preferably separated from areas using organic materials.
Ciba Specialty Chemicals produces light stabilizers, photoinitiators, antioxidants, dispersants, algicides, rheology modifiers, optical brighteners, and metal deactivators for paint and coatings applications.
Among the custom-engineered compressor components offered are actuators and deactivators, fuel valve modulators and a large line of industry-preferred, high-efficiency compressor poppet valves.
* Standalone: For cases in which the RFID tags are not automatically deactivated at the checkout, standalone deactivators can be used.