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He charged the new deacons and deaconesses not to make the mistake of the first set of deacons in the Bible that used political gimmicks to execute God's assignment.
The debate over deaconesses in the Latin Church has continuously stumbled over ambiguities of terminology, particularly over the words for deaconess (diaconissa) and ordination (ordo, ordinare, ordinatio, etc.).
Vagaggini's essay argues that deaconesses were ordained in the sanctuary with a ritual of laying on of hands and exercised both liturgical and pastoral ministries.
In other words, the centrality of "Orthodox Theology" in the title of the conference was stressed, alongside reference to "Deaconesses" as a central and parallel focus, without neglecting the overall question of the "ordination of women," inasmuch as it nowadays poses a challenge not only from outside the canonical boundaries of the Orthodox Church but also from its ecclesiastical dignitaries and theological scholars.
It was not a good idea to send out the deaconesses to places of service and leave them on their own.
In the early 1900s when there were few social agencies, many deaconesses also served in health and social services.
Most of the deaconesses who worked as schoolteachers did so in remote provincial areas, often in private schools.
"These women were trained and some were 'set apart' as deaconesses," wrote Karen Heath, in a guide prepared for the exhibit, which looked at the history of the Church of England Deaconess and Missionary Training House and the AWTC.
Women Deacons and Deaconesses: 400 Years of Baptist Service.
For the truth about the role of women in the early Church see Aired Martimort's Deaconesses: An historical study (from the French, 1982), Ignatius, 1986, PP.
(7) That deaconesses continued to exist from the early through the middle Byzantine period,s at least in Constantinople and Jerusalem, is also indisputable.
"The commission observed that the deaconesses mentioned in the tradition of the early church cannot simply be assimilated to ordained deacons," he says.
Not only will you be moved to recall some of the deaconesses, nurses, singers, faithful parishioners, and first ladies that bustled about in your church, you'll also be inspired to stir up these delicacies in your kitchen.
Historians have never doubted the fact that the institution of deaconesses flourished, especially in the Eastern half of the Catholic church, from at least the third to the ninth centuries.
We're developing our own course, because we can get a lot of information from the deaconesses. The first German Parish Nurses will meet with a few old deaconesses, who will tell them what Parish Nursing was like 50- 60 years ago.