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Synonyms for deacon

a Protestant layman who assists the minister

a cleric ranking just below a priest in Christian churches

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The majority of this training happened during the deaconate period.
Its partners in the project, which has produced some very useful study material, are the Conference for Pastoral Planning and Council Development; the National Association of Church Personnel Administrators; the National Association of Deaconate Directors; the National Catholic Young Adult Ministry Association; and the National Federation of Priests' Councils.
I am celebrating with family and friends my 90th birthday today, in the context of my happy and fruitful marriage of 50 years on May 10, 2008, and the 60th anniversary of my deaconate on May 30, 2008.
Cesare Borgia was eventually dispensed from his deaconate and laicized by his father Alexander VI, and later married--de Roo, 1:273 (Cesare's ordination to the deaconate on 26 March 1496), 283-84 (Cesare's speech in the Sacred Consistory of 17 August 1498 requesting laicization, but the actual date is unknown).
The discussion concerning the ordination of women to the deaconate in the Old Catholic Church is offered as a model of conciliar dialogue, and, while the Old Catholic Church was not very active in the former East German regime, it offers encouraging opportunities for Christians from that region.
The pieces of the puzzle in chapters 1 and 2 coalesce in chapter 3, which treats the issue of the ordination of women to the deaconate as an ecumenical issue.
At a ceremony in Boston's Church of the Covenant, Reynolds will ordain Gloria Ray Carpeneto, Judy Lee and Gabriella Velardi-Ward to the priesthood and MaryAnn McCarthy Schoettly to the deaconate.
The representation of the Anglican church has been mixed in recent years, from funeral director David Fisher's conflicted relationship with his Episcopal parish in HBO's Six Feet Under (his ordination to the vocational deaconate was delayed because the parish vestry suspected he was gay), to 1997's hopeless Soul Man, which featured Dan Ackroyd as a hipster, motorcycle-riding priest (whose zany bishop seemed to live next door, so frequent were his visits), it can sometimes be difficult to reconcile the church we know with the one we see on television.
Hispanic youth and young-adult ministry leaders are equally interested in lay ecclesial ministry and the permanent deaconate.
She attended Anglican Women's Training College in Toronto and was ordained to the deaconate in 1949.
54) Wemple argues that legislation against the deaconate for women was more or less successful by the sixth century when women were then forced into the monastic life if they wished to follow a religious vocation (Women in Frankish Society 136-(41).
I wish I had a penny for every time I heard the words, "we want a real priest," as if the deaconate is not real.
For the first time, the Church in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) has ordained women to the deaconate.