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existing in fact whether with lawful authority or not

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As many operators are relying on Huawei to build out 5G networks, a de-facto ban would be a considerable setback for Europe's efforts to stay competitive in communications, with implications for connected factories, self-driving cars, and medical technology.
New Delhi [India], Oct 25 ( ANI ): Two Chinese helicopters on September 27 crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC)- the de-facto border between China and India, sources said.
Babar said de-facto state is exempted from accountability and de-jure state faces accountability.
The malaise is deeper and lies in the contradictions between the de-facto and de-jure, he said.
"The decree on the full economic blockade of Donbas, (signed) today by Poroshenko is de-facto an act on genocide and devastation of our people.
in the Gaza Strip last night and urged the de-facto authorities there to
As the Unix, Linux and Win2K (formerly called open systems) storage environments have become increasingly larger, a de-facto standard and user-friendly HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) system must arrive and become a widely accepted and practiced method, making the nearly mandatory practice of information life cycle management attainable.
The company's award-winning SSH Secure Shell application has become the de-facto standard for secure logins with millions of users in over 80 countries.
Now most growing cities--even small ones--have large planning departments and de-facto full-time city councils (even if still nominally part-time) dominated by the activist-type politician described in Alan Ehrenhalt's The United States of Ambition.