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the experience of thinking that a new situation had occurred before

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That's not to say that I haven't enjoyed exploring the shiny new universe that's been created, I really have, I've just found myself getting constant de ja vu from repeating missions over and over.
The blunders of frittering away tax payers' money on non-productive projects and antagonizing the defence establishment provide a classical de ja vu.
Terrell skillfully combines the elements of suspense, intrigue, romance, and the unsettling sense of de JA vu in her book "The Tempest Series." Stories of a tragic series of murders five generations earlier and a lifetime of disturbing nightmares introduce the plot of this fast moving adventure novel.
"Because we are displaying the origins of a nation while using modern equipment, my aim is to give viewers, Emiratis and non-Emiratis alike, a sense of de ja vu while watching the show," he said.
Older investors could be forgiven for having a sense of de ja vu on hearing the news that Facebook is expected to float at an estimated value of $100 billion (A[pounds sterling]64 billion), roughly 30 times its annual revenues.
On the last Sunday of each month there's also De Ja Vu Club, with party sounds from the 1970s to the present day.
It was de ja vu in Athens in 2004 when showjumper CIAN O'CONNOR was stripped of his gold medal and banned for three months after his horse was found to have banned substances in his system.
All funds raised went to Wirral Witches and massive thanks to Radio City's Simon Ross for hosting, De Ja Vu six-piece band for entertaining us, and Cllr Andrew Hodson, who was Santa for the day.