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United States electrical engineer who in 1907 patented the first triode vacuum tube, which made it possible to detect and amplify radio waves (1873-1961)

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El juego incompleto nos remite al intento de Forest por mover las piezas de la memoria a su gusto con la intencion de que formaran un resultado final que no se esta cumpliendo como el esperaba, ya que los diferentes personajes de la novela refutan los cambios que el cronista ha intentado incluir.
In 1915, the Marconi firm brought a patent infringement suit against the De Forest firm, claiming that the triode infringed upon the Fleming patent relating to Marconi's diode valve.
The finale of the Eurovision Song Contest was in swing, and Denmark's competitor, Emmelie de Forest, was heading into the weekend favored to win.
To note, the winner of Eurovision 2013 was Emmelie de Forest (Denmark).
Denmark's Emmelie de Forest won Eurovision on Saturday before an international TV audience of around 125 million, clinching the coveted crown of euro-pop with a folksy ballad backed by a wall of fire, flutes and drums.
Emmelie de Forest, 20, won the title with 281 points thanks to her splendid rendition of the song 'Only Teardrops', while Azerbaijan stood second 234 points, the BBC reported.
Blonde bombshell Emmelie de Forest won the Eurovision Song Content last night for Denmark.
Favourite to win is Denmark's Emmelie de Forest, whose shoeless performances may remind some viewers of our own Sandie Shaw.
And the favourite so far is Denmark's Emmelie de Forest with Only Teardrops.
The Danish entry Only Teardrops by Emmelie de Forest is now 4/6 odds on to win the show - way ahead of other entrants.
AUTUMN DE FOREST: Portrait of a Young Artist DVD/20 min./$29.95.
Les experts europeens ont etabli leur diagnostic a partir de visites effectuees en avril 2012 dans deux prisons de la region bruxelloise, celle de Forest et celle d'Andenne.
Autumn de Forest is an inspirational DVD featuring an artistic prodigy who loves to paint.
This photo of a young soldier of the Liverpool Kings Regiment was sent home from St Gilles-Bruxelles and was photographed in the studio of GARET photogra, 76 Chaussee de Forest St Gilles, as a reminder to his family.
Innovation proceeded apace, Lee said, with Le De Forest's discovery that vacuum tubes could be made to oscillate.