De Bakey

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United States heart surgeon who in 1966 implanted the first artificial heart in a human patient (born in 1908)

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Alternatively, classic aortic dissection Stanford Type B, De Bakey III may have been present subsequently resulting in thrombosis.
Milnes Walker in Bristol, Drs Moore and Linton in Boston and Drs de Bakey and Cooley in Houston, and brought back his new knowledge to widen the scope of the practice.
In spite of these advances, major arterial injuries in World War II were nearly always treated by arterial ligation--often with loss of the limb--and it was not until the Korean War, much due to the inspiration of Michael de Bakey, that vascular repair was widely used.
A microplaca foi fixada na face medial do fragmento distal da fratura com auxilio de clampe vascular Bulldog De Bakey curvo.