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any one of the seven days in a week

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She said Thursdays record at least 15 per cent more accidents than other days of the week. Although elaborate figures were not available, she said most of the accidents occurred during peak hours, including the evening.
This model has been utilized for the full sample period and each of the three sub-samples of political regimes in order to evaluate the relationship between Returns and the respective days of the week during political regimes.
Services from Gdansk will leave at 11:15 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and at 18:10 on the remaining days of the week.
Here we take a look at the seven days of the week and bring you the low-down on what you need to do and need to avoid.
Bisto's Darryl Curtis said: "By replacing the name with days of the week we're reminding people that they can enjoy a family meal every day."
However, this falls short of Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) physical activity targets, set out in "Climbing Higher", that all primary school children will participate in sport and physical activity for an hour on five or more days of the week by 2020.
The bank's rival, ASB already has branches that are open on all days of the week.
The petition proposes to adjust the calendar so that each year dates would consistently fall on the same days of the week. New Year's Day would always fall on a Sunday, Christmas Day would always be a Monday, and July 4 a Wednesday.
The system links these patterns with predictive factors such as the days of the week, seasons, and weathers to obtain more precise forecast.
Each cd has a specific set of lessons: CD 1 covers the basics: numbers, telling time, ordering food; CD2 covers shopping, job and family; CD3 covers directions and days of the week; CD 4 covers shopping for clothes.
The result of the study also shows that Internet use worldwide on any weekday is higher than Saturday and Sunday which are the least popular days of the week to surf the Internet.
The physician informs his or her personnel of the hours in the day and the days of the week that time is available for scheduling patient visits.
Organized alphabetically in 17 categories, the common signs covered include those for animals, food, clothes, people, health, body, days of the week, transportation, holidays, religion, thoughts, emotions, and many more of solid practical use.