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Despite being called a weed and memorializing someone's lack of accomplishment, dayflowers keep good company.
A comparison of invasive and non-invasive dayflowers (Commelinaceae) across experimental nutrient and water gradients.
The slopes are often lush with grass and wildflowers in late summer and early fall, including the bright scarlet blooms of shrubby mountain sage, prolific blue dayflowers, and the candelabra-shaped yellow-flowered stalks of agaves.
Yoshida and her co-workers studied blue dayflowers, cornflowers, and salvia, which are blue despite the fact that the pigment cell sap of their petals is weakly acidic.
In a study of blue dayflowers, cornflowers, and salvia, the researchers also found that metal ions can interact with anthocyanin pigments to stabilize a flower's blue hue, Yoshida told Science News.