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Synonyms for surgery


Synonyms for surgery

a room in a hospital equipped for the performance of surgical operations

a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments

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I have always enjoyed day surgery as you get to meet more people.
The activity is a joint project of Dublin Health Services Management and its subsidiaries: Seha Emirates One Day Surgery Center, Ibn Nafees Medical Center, Babil Medical Group and Adam and Eve Medical Center.
Day surgery is most often recommended for short, minimally invasive procedures which carry little to no risk of post-operative complications.
More complex surgery will still take place in the hospital's four remaining theatres and some day surgery may be moved to Llandudno Hospital.
In particular, they felt that children undergoing day surgery should be the chosen group as the time constraints associated with day surgery procedures did not allow for adequate pre operative preparation of children and their parents.
Last year the future of Shotley Bridge Hospital was thrown into uncertainty when one of its two day surgery wards was closed due to an apparent lack of use.
Meanwhile, hospital bosses were accused by a councillor of deliberately reducing demand for day surgery at the same hospital.
Staff dived for cover as the out-of-control Suzuki hatchback smashed into the day surgery unit at Eastbourne Hospital, Sussex.
WHOLEHEARTED thanks to the wonderful staff at the Day Surgery Unit in Yorkhill Sick Kids Hospital who looked after us when our four-year-old had to have an op this week.
South Wales' bed-blocking crisis is a result of poor day surgery rates, the auditor general for Wales has claimed.
Reshaping the role of hospitals, enabling more day surgery, ambulatory and community treatment; * Creating long-term sustainability and flexible funding options;
Health chiefs say the move reflects the availability of new surgical techniques, which mean more operations can be carried out in day surgery or outpatient clinics.
A public consultation is being launched this week on the proposal to move day surgery services to new facilities at Fazakerley hospital.
The inefficiency of how day surgery cases are dealt with demonstrates above all the need for better planning and joined up thinking in the National Health Service.