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The host would also organize the two day sight seeing trip around Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The unique feature of this rifle is that it is fitted with a collimating day sight and its is possible to fire the rifle with a night sight.
These would include a telescopic day sight, image intensifying and thermal night sights and a laser rangefinder, to support the Grenade Machine Gun - a weapon which the MoD says has proven "hugely effective in operations, particularly in Afghanistan".
THE crowds came back to Kempton yesterday when the familiar Boxing Day sight of packed stands and traffic jams returned to the racecourse and its surrounding roads, writes Lee Mottershead.
But if you don't take good care of the visual imaging module (day sight) and thermal imaging module (night sight), the RWS quickly goes from awesome to awful.
Even in daylight we were using thermal sights for gunnery, because we could see the target so much better than you could with a normal day sight, Psychologically, we had rather hoped to put our first attack in during daylight.
One of the first stages of FIST was the adoption of the ELCAN SpecterOS4x Lightweight Day Sight (LDS) mentioned previously.