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missionary work for Islam


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Dire Dawa port is planning to link up to the Ethio-Djibouti railway.
He disclosed that the Islamic Dawa Organization has overcome the financial crisis by investing in its assets and support provided by its friends and the philanthropists.
Ogwayo again yellow carded Burundi's Tressor Ndikumana in the 48th minute after he fouled Dawa.
Dar Al Dawa also hosted women who survived from breast cancer and decided to opt for a fighterAaAaAeA{Es spirit instead of a defeated one.
Dawa conveyed the Syrian people's thanks for the support they receive from the Russian people, government, and leadership in combating terrorism, emphasizing confidence in Syria's victory thanks to the efforts and patience of the Syrian people, the steadfastness of the Syrian leadership, and support of Syria's friends including Russia.
Dr Neil Reynolds is taking part in the Great North Run to raise funds to help Nepalese woman Dawa, right, with help from Dr Carol Donne, also pictured, above 220813RUN_04 KATIE LUNN
The statement added that the Dawa party "believes in effectiveness of the Iraqi people and its ability to protect the political process and trusts in the preparedness of the security and armed forces.
The Sadrist bloc in particular has refused Maliki as a candidate as well as refusing to accept any Dawa member as a prime ministerial candidate.
UK specialty drugs maker Hikma Pharmaceuticals (LON:HIK) said on Monday it had agreed to buy the 50% not yet owned in Algerian drug making joint venture Al Dar Al Arabia from Jordanian partner Dar Al Dawa (AFM:DADI) for USD18.
The State of Law bloc, the second largest group with 89 seats, is mainly formed from Dawa Party, while the INA, an alliance of three Shiite groups, is an offshoot of Dawa Party with Ebrahim Al Jaafari, Ammar Al Hakim of the Higher Islamic Council and Moqtada Al Sadr as its leaders.
AMaliki's Islamic Dawa Party, one the biggest Shiite parties, is still out; INA officials stated they continue talks with Dawa Party for a bigger coalition.
Adel Abdul-Mehdi, Iraq's vice-president and SIIC member, said on Monday: "I wish that our brothers in [al-Maliki's] Dawa party would be among us today and, God willing, efforts will continue to include everyone, with Dawa at the top of the list.
I wish that our brothers in [Maliki's] Dawa party would be among us today and God willing, efforts will continue to include everyone, with Dawa at the top of the list," Iraqi Vice President and ISCI member Adel Abdel-Mehdi told reporters.
No reason was given publicly for the exclusion of Maliki's Dawa party but the increasingly assertive prime minister had demanded a greater say in the alliance and also insisted the coalition be broadened to include more Sunnis and Kurds.
Among the ranks of the fishnet-clad Rollergirls are two Soldiers-one activated Reserve major, Melissa Mitravich, and one former Soldier, Diana Dawa.