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an oil lamp that will not ignite flammable gases (methane)

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To commemorate the milestone, we've had a delve through our own archives to shed more light on the fascinating history of the safety lamp, and why the so-called "Geordie lamp" proved more popular here than the Davy lamp.
QI HAVE a very special miner's Davy lamp, a self-igniting model which came out in the early 1950s.
A SCOTS firm have adapted the famous miners' Davy lamp to keep the Olympic torch burning.
Graham Smith (North Shields Referee Association), Ken Newton (Blyth & Wansbeck Sunday League), Ken Beattie (Morpeth Town) and Ernie Nicholson and Jim Hogg (both Morpeth Sunday League) were presented with commemorative Davy lamps and medals by NFA president Alan Wright.
Nursery pupils looked at candles and Davy Lamps, to learn more about how the miners were able to see in such cramped dark spaces.
She had Iwan pawn his brothers' davy lamps, took delivery of two sacks of plain and semolina flour and a dozen trays of eggs.
The village of 600 permanent souls has an air of artificiality: a plastic identity - all stovepipe hats and Davy lamps - moulded out of its visitors' sepia-tinged preconceptions rather than harvested from its own roots.
Carrying traditional Davy lamps, you walk past ice fountains, springs, stalactites and stalagmites and ice formations that look like great bears, oyster shells, palaces and a queen's veil.
It also included flat caps, Davy lamps and coal shovels, all capturing the rich heritage of the region.