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English chemist who was a pioneer in electrochemistry and who used it to isolate elements sodium and potassium and barium and boron and calcium and magnesium and chlorine (1778-1829)

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Elliott said: "I'm delighted for the owners and Davy gave him a great ride.
com/royals/chelsy-davy-fergie-prince-harry-engagement/) People , Prince Harry and Davy dated each other on and off starting in 2004.
Mr Davy, who is one of Huddersfield's most successful businessmen, has been appointed Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship at the university.
The witch, an elderly woman named Elizabeth Flint, has planned one last adventure before she dies, and asks Davy to escort her.
He will start the challenge today but reckons it will take him all week to get to the top of the 2866ft peak, Davy said yesterday: "Every single person on Arran thinks I'm off my head, and I suppose they're right.
Davy O'List, then guitarist with The Nice, has just released a new album after an 18-year break - and spoke to the ECHO about his memories of that bizarre 1967 show.
Mr Davy has a wealth of experience in senior leadership roles in the law and in industry.
Davy also set a record of sorts in 1938 when riding in a steeplechase, a hurdle race and a flat race - all during the same afternoon.
Wellington, March 22 ( ANI ): Prince Harry made embarrassing phone calls to his former girlfriend Chelsy Davy while he was under the influence of calls, new evidence presented as part of the News of the World phone hacking scandal has revealed.
DAVY (George MacKay) and best mate Ally (Kevin Guthrie) SUNSHINE ON LEITdH (PG) .
Johnson Matthey Davy Technologies ( JM Davy ) and The Dow Chemical Company announced that PetroChina Guangdong Petrochemical Company, a subsidiary of PetroChina Company Limited (PetroChina), China s largest oil and gas producer and distributor, has selected LP OxoSM Technology to produce 2-ethylhexanol, normal butanol and iso butyraldehyde in its major petrochemical complex in Jieyang, Guangdong, China.
Deborah Davy, 53, revealed the oneyear-old Exmoor pony was served up at a dinner party.
INDIA and Denmark on Thursday failed to make headway during talks to expedite the extradition of Kim Davy, the main accused in the Purulia arms drop case, from the European country.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 31, 2013-McMoRan Exploration reports on status of Davy Jones No 1 well(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
com)-- John Davy of Colonial Industries has been in the window replacement business for over 30 years.