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Synonyms for David

patron saint of Wales (circa 520-600)

French neoclassical painter who actively supported the French Revolution (1748-1825)

(Old Testament) the 2nd king of the Israelites

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DavidH thought of another green wheeze for our local authority: "They will be putting solar panels on the town hall roof next!" After the council said the new turbine, which will be located on a new site, would generate a surplus of pounds 4,000 a year, LewisD said: "Taking into account what has already been lost on maintenance, that means it will take around 19 years before they break even on the (initial spend of) pounds 70,000, let alone the amount of time and money spent on correspondence and meeting about the problem.
DavidH: "What a tragic way for a young person's life to end.
'Kirklees Highways service recently replaced nearly 50 street lamps at Ainley roundabout, at a cost of almost pounds 50,000 - yet Lindley's landmark is not only not working again, but will be in the dark throughout the long winter evenings.' 'The Clock Tower builder J N Sykes's house opposite, bequeathed to the council, is derelict - the site itself is ideal for new sheltered housing to rent and only requires Kirklees Council to release it to a housing association on favourable terms.' DavidH is easily pleased: 'At least the clock tells the correct time twice a day!'
Phone: (859)792-2153, ext.124; Fax: (859) 792-4719; e-mail: davidh. stone@ky.gov
Examiner website contributor DavidH: "Universities are businesses and at the end of the day they have to be viable, otherwise they cannot fulfil their obligations.
DavidH: "We should assume that Kirklees' motor insurance is just averaged and shared to departments, rather than individual vehicles quoted and insured separately.
124; Fax(859) 792-4719; e-mail: davidh.stone@ky.gov