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United States businessman who pioneered in radio and television broadcasting (1891-1971)


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The first chapter begins to trace the term, "mass communication," from the use by David Sarnoff to promote the new NBC radio network in the 1920s more as a rhetorical or PR term.
to r): Phil Dusenberry, former chairman, BBDO North America; Lorraine Thomas, accepting for her late husband, Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's International; Rosita Sarnoff, senior vice president, Stribling & Associates, accepting for her grandfather, the legendary David Sarnoff, RCA chairman; and Hall (Cap) Adams Jr.
Farnsworth wins the battle but loses the war, successfully defending his claim to the patent but nonetheless watching most of the credit--and most of the profits--accrue to the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) and its self-aggrandizing chief, David Sarnoff.
IN 1916, DAVID SARNOFF suggested that the medium of radio could be expanded far beyond its hobbyist niche, selling possibly millions of the receiver sets made by his employer, American Marconi.
The last prediction was made in 1930 by David Sarnoff, the founder of NBC and RCA, who apparently didn't envision Temptation Island.
In a high-stakes gamble, ably described by Kenneth Bilby (The General: David Sarnoff and the Rise of the Communications Industry [1986]), David Sarnoff pushed RCA to confront AT&T and won, leading to the latter's withdrawal from radio.
Con la finalidad de no ofrecer sistemas de transmision digital diversos, las entidades mas avanzadas en el campo: AT&T, Zenith, Centro de Investigacion de David Sarnoff, General Instrument Corporation, Instituto Tecnologico de Massachusetts, Philips Electronics North Americ y Thomson Consumer Electronic, decidieron en mayo de 1993 constituir la Gran Alianza, que ha presentado un solo sistema de transmision digital.
Nearly seven decades before the Internet became a reality and "cyberspace" a place as common as "Sesame Street," there was electronic wizardry called radio and television and a man named David Sarnoff, founder of NBC and a guiding light behind RCA for three decades-a tenure that few executives ever enjoy.
Now he controls more stations than David Sarnoff and William Paley, founders of NBC and CBS radio respectively, did together in their peak years in the 1940s.
Los pioneros de la telegrafia, de la radio y de la television como Marconi y David Sarnoff, fueron protagonistas desde sus receptores primitivos, del unico enlace posible entre un buque a mitad del oceano y una estacion terrestre.
David Sarnoff, the company's president, was only slightly more effusive.
Sarif has the distinction of being a start-up with cachet, the offspring of two high-tech biggies: In Focus Systems of Wilsonville and David Sarnoff Research Laboratories in Princeton, N.
In addition to five universities, the David Sarnoff Research Center and the American Display Consortium, representing 10 companies, are members of the group.
Two of the four competing systems were developed by General Instrument and MIT; one by AT&T and Zenith Electronics; and one by the David Sarnoff Research Center, North American Philips, Thomson Consumer Electronics, General Electric's NBC unit, and Compression Labs.
It is part of a consortium with NBC, Philips and the David Sarnoff Research Center; the group is trying to sell the Federal Communications Commission on its proposed digital HDTV technology.