David O. Selznick

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United States filmmaker noted for his film adaptations of popular novels (1902-1965)

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In the end, Hitchcock--at least for sixteen weeks in 1939--belonged to David O.
Charles Dickens' novel of love and turmoil during the French Revolution comes to the screen in this sumptuous version by David O.
Her casting credits include movies produced by David O.
But the Ulriches did not frequent the same social circles as, say, Howard Hughes, Jack Warner or David O.
The main problem with this three-handed show--at its first Goodman Theater outing, at least--is that it cannot quite decide whether to be a rollicking Hollywood farce built around the clash of titanic egos, or a sweet, affectionate tribute to indie-minded movie impresarios like David O.
The documentary follows the karmically coupled careers of David O.
Beside a colorful poster of ``Gone With the Wind'' are the signatures of 18 cast members including Clarke Gable, Vivien Leigh, Olivia De Havilland and producer David O.
The entertainer phoned in his bid to Sotheby's to purchase the statuette awarded to David O.
Her childhood (which probably led to her insecurity), romances (with David O.
Walter Mirisch, who produced such films as "The Magnificent Seven" and "West Side Story," received the David O.
The role of the anti-hero in the Rodgers & Hart musical brought him to the attention of David O.