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Scottish missionary and explorer who discovered the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls (1813-1873)


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We are looking forward to learning more about Amelia Hill's work on the David Livingstone bust in the future."
The message, dated as being written in London on October 29, 1857, reads "With the kindest remembrances of his much obliged and attached friend David Livingstone".
A RARE book by renowned Victorian explorer David Livingstone is to be sold by a Welsh auction house after being bought for PS1 in a car boot sale.
In 20 years at Polygram, Universal and Working Title, in both London and Los Angeles, David Livingstone mastered the art of selling quirky British movies to a global audience.
But there was genuinely uplifting news amidst all the nonsense - not least writer Stephen Beresford and producer David Livingstone picking up the Outstanding Debut award for the film Pride.
There follow two long chapters about aspects of David Livingstone's travels, and especially about Charles Livingstone, a failed photographer and David's brother.
The journeys of David Livingstone have inspired a new exhibition at Glasgow's Riverside Museum.
Quite apart from politics, literature and the arts, those luminaries include (among others): John Logie Baird, Alexander Graham Bell, Andrew Carnegie, James Dewar, John Boyd Dunlop, Alexander Fleming, James Gregory, Douglas Haig, David Hume, David Livingstone, John McAdam, Robert McAlpine, Charles Macintosh, Adam Smith, Robert Thomson, Robert Watson-Watt and James Watt.
David Livingstone, events around the world celebrated his life and work.
I have just read with interest the article on Dr David Livingstone written by John Waterhouse (NA, Nov).
Credit Suisse's CEO in Australia, David Livingstone, said, 'We are thrilled that a senior banker of David's calibre is joining Credit Suisse.
Which future Spurs legend was signed in 1954 Kate Winslet - see Question 7 David Livingstone buried?
In the September 2010 Geographical, William Price tells us that, in connexion with Lake Malawi, David Livingstone used 'upper' to signify 'northern' (Mailbag).
Still, despite the frustrating feeds from Arizona, the tournament has been enjoyable, with the evertrustworthy David Livingstone taking control in the studio.
Other academic archives available online include a collection of some one hundred letters written by missionary doctor and African explorer David Livingstone (www .livingstoneonline.ucl.ac.uk); a guide to the collection of the English Presbyterian Mission, including records of the Foreign Missions Committee and the Women's Missionary Association of the Presbyterian Church of England from 1847 to the 1970s (www.soas.ac.uk/library/subjects/archives/news/file55128 .pdf); a new Smithsonian Institution Collections Search Center (http://collections.si.edu), including mission-related photos; and a four-volume digitized collection of brief missionary biographies written by John A.