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United States frontiersman and Tennessee politician who died at the siege of the Alamo (1786-1836)

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No one knows with certainty how David Crockett died, but popular versions have him swinging his trusted rifle, "Old Betsy," over his head, fighting to the bitter end, while another "version" has him slinking away like a coward, escaping, only to turn up four years after the battle in the mines of Guadalajara, Mexico.
Nine essays explore such topics as Martha Meredith Read's Margaretta as Federalist fantasy, Sarah Wentworth Morton's intertextual epic, the performance of class in A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett of the State of Tennessee, Hawthorne's hybridized daughters, and Cooper and the American Revolutionary war novel 1784-1825.
Para los historiadores mexicanos familiarizados con la historia texana, el libro encierra sorpresas, por ejemplo darnos cuenta de lo importante que fue que David Crockett muriera en El Alamo y el testimonio de que fue tomado prisionero al ser encontrado escondido, lo que desmiente el mito de que habia muerto luchando.
But he also had to cope in the aftermath of the murder of his uncle, David Crockett, 64.
His biographies include Thomas Jefferson, architect of The Declaration of Independence, who plans the Lewis and Clark expedition for decades and, who, with the Louisiana Purchase, effects the largest real estate transfer in history; Andrew Jackson, who with ruthless brilliance in battle and treaty secures lands from Native Americans; John "Johnny Appleseed" Chapman, who plants apple seeds and good will between whites and Indians in the ever-westward zones; and David Crockett, whose humorous stories became legendary -- owing in part to his death while defending the Alamo -- and who inspires Texans under Sam Houston's leadership to secure independence in the Mexican-American War.
The strategic value of this initiative means it should be treated as a major economic issue," notes David Crockett, director of Chattanooga's Office of Sustainability and a former city council chair.
The David Crockett venue will have resident Canadian Band, the Seven Senses, as well as DJ Dizzy Dean and Australian DJ Shawn.
Prosecutors say that Martin Campbell, 47, beat pal David Crockett to death shortly before the side's first World Cup game on June 12.
With names such as Samuel Clemens, Thomas Thorpe, David Crockett and others, "Southern Frontier Humor" is a must have to anyone who wants a better understanding of southern thought throughout the civil war.
Groomsmen were Sean Michael Robinson, Jonathan David Parker, Brian John Keegan, David Paul Burke, Justin Keith McCulley, Garrett Long Harvey, James Matthew Koger, and Jacob David Crockett.
This book will make a fine introduction to the life and times of the human, David Crockett, of whom so much has been written.
As an experienced banker, I strongly object to any unsupported allegation which may create potential damage to my personal reputation,'' David Crockett said in an advertisement placed in several English- and Chinese-language newspapers in Hong Kong.
David Crockett Graham (1884-1961) as zoological collector and anthropologist in China.
Apparently it can be dangerous to one's health to suggest that David Crockett did not go down swinging Old Betsy.