Magen David

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a six-pointed star formed from two equilateral triangles

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The newsreader and journalist - as familiar a face on TV as actor brother David, star of Poirot - has already discovered radio is a totally different kettle of fish.
The Associated Press (AP) recently reported that Larry David, star of the HBO television series "Curb Your Enthusiasm," joined with MTV's college network mtvU last month in officially launching the "Curb Global Warming Sweepstakes," the winner of which will be presented with the hybrid electric Toyota Prius driven by David on the show.
The next night David, star of the movies Naked and Divorcing Jack, even met Anna's dad.
A year ago - after a four-month fling with Robbie Williams, no less - Anna started seeing David, star of Divorcing Jack and Naked.
Clyde replied, "David, Star Trails is the first thing I read in Sky & Telescope."
Other performers include Alexander Jean, a new duo project featuring Mark Ballas and BC Jean, Musician Aaron Carter, Actress/Musician, Karen David, star of ABC's "Galavant" and introducing Madi Wolf.