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Synonyms for David

patron saint of Wales (circa 520-600)

French neoclassical painter who actively supported the French Revolution (1748-1825)

(Old Testament) the 2nd king of the Israelites

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Margaret, who worked at the Co-op in Billingham, stayed at home to raise their three children, David, Elizabeth and Gillian.
Look after David, Elizabeth, Lynn and Children and guide them as you always have.
Dymuna David, Elizabeth a'r teulu ddiolch am pob caredigrwydd a dderbynnwyd yn ystod eu profedigaeth diweddar.
David was nominated by Mrs Ena Davies, of Ball Hill, Coventry, a friend of his late mother, who said: "Without David, Elizabeth would have to go into a home - he takes care of her.
And the lives of David, Elizabeth, Moses and millions more depend on what they do.
Tess is a year and a half old cross terrier who lives with the Goughs David, Elizabeth, Stuart, 12, and10-month-old Adam, in Clydebank.