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the date on which an obligation must be repaid

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Under the ratable accrual method, the amount of market discount is determined by dividing the total market discount on the bond by the number of days after the date of acquisition up to and including the date of maturity. This method will accrue market discount in equal daily installments during the period between acquisition and maturity.
A corporation issuing bonds could go bankrupt, or you may need to sell before the date of maturity. If you are considering buying corporate bonds, be sure and check out the corporation carefully - a company that is heavily debt-laden may not be a safe investment.
It alleged that the investment was made in violation of the finance policy, however, the FDIBL failed to return the principal amount of Rs100m on the date of maturity.
These funds need to be promoted locally and abroad and the government must guarantee transferring their capital and profit to abroad to customers who invested in them at the date of maturity.
Since these bonds are generally held upto the date of maturity, they lack liquidity in the secondary market.
Reproductive duration and date of maturity in populations of three wide soybean crosses.
OID bonds are those issued at a discount equal to at least the bond's redemption value times of 1% times the number of full years from the date of issuance to the date of maturity. Some of these OID bonds were issued with an intent, on the part of the issuer, to redeem the bonds before maturity.
CEO Peter Baltussen said in a statement that the continued strong performance of the bank over the past five years has enabled it to repay these deposits successfully, three years before the date of maturity.
The means of lines across environments for lodging, date of maturity, R1 date, and plant height were regressed against DSI by linear stepwise regression with PROC REG of SAS.