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data processing using sophisticated data search capabilities and statistical algorithms to discover patterns and correlations in large preexisting databases

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"An intelligent system for customer targeting: A datamining approach".
The PETGAS research, which is now in its third stage, has been transformative in creating a workflow, database and datamining software that allows operators to reduce the cost and time to estimate to petrophysical properties of tight gas sandstone prospects.
The company's HSIO (high-speed input/output) Validation Assistant (HVA) is a new datamining tool for ASSET'S Scan Works boundary-scan platform.
Since its pilot in 2008, the datamining approach has netted an extra PS3bn in tax revenue, part of the reason the tax gap is steadily declining - it was down 6.4 per cent last year.
The acquisition allows Publicis Worldwide to boost its CRM and datamining field offering, as well as expand in France and globally, the buyer said.
It's currently more of a public outreach initiative than a scientific endeavor, but it opens the possibility of datamining Twitter for real-time meteor information, much like automated programs have tracked flu outbreaks and earthquake activity.
He described the US espionage operations as interference in Iran's internal affairs, and said, "This move is not acceptable at all." The British Guardian daily acquired top-secret documents about the US National Security Agency (NSA) datamining tool, called Boundless Informant, that details and even maps by country the voluminous amount of information it collects from computer and telephone networks.
VAs can help with updates for marketing and branding purposes on social networking, Facebook fan pages, Twitter updates on products and press releases, Video Marketing, Blog updates, Social Bookmarking, research and datamining, telemarketing, customer support and customer service, database administration, and personal assistance such as responding to client emails and booking schedules.
Medical datamining with a new algorithm for feature selection and naive Bayesian classifier.
And whether they knew about it or not, they served while Dobranski was ransacking faculty electronic files and datamining faculty emails in search of "disloyalty." Bradley and Alvare at least were there for the firing of a tenured full professor and retaliatory denial of tenure to two others.
Usage of personal data has been there for years, around for instance datamining in retail activities (thanks especially to loyalty cards), but its relevance has risen to the forefront with the sharp growth of ICT technologies and the internet and could even reach new magnitude with Big Data technologies.
Automated web scraping and other datamining techniques will often violate a term of use, and as a result, the website proprietor may terminate access and may ultimately recover damages.
But thanks to a system called datamining it doesn't need to.
Recommendation: In order to improve DHS's policies and practices for ensuring that datamining systems used for counterterrorism are effective and provide necessary privacy protections, the Secretary of Homeland Security should direct the Chief Information Officer and Chief Procurement Officer to work with their counterparts at component agencies to ensure the consistency of component agencies' policies with DHS policies and proposed improvements to those policies, including requiring data quality assessments, requiring re-evaluations of operational systems, and establishing investment review boards with clearly defined structures for system review.