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(often plural) the branch of electrical engineering concerned with the technology of electronic communication at a distance

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VNPT owns eight state-affiliated companies including Vietnam Datacommunications Company, several joint ventures and 13 other subsidiaries in the country and in the region.
Established in 1989, Vietnam Datacommunication Company (VDC), a state owned company under the Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Corporation (VNPT) is a leading company in the field of information technology in Vietnam.
The new portfolio, which includes Ericsson's MINI-LINK microwave transmission systems, is designed to enable mobile operators to offer both new datacommunications services and traditional mobile telephony services.
The overall western European datacommunications services market will grow from USD13bn in 1999 to USD16bn by 2004, driven by the uptake in Internet protocol-virtual private networks (IP-VPNs) and broadband services, according to a new study by IDC.
On the Tokyo Stock Exchange, shares of Hikari Tsushin, a Japanese agent handling sign-up for membership to datacommunications service, rose 10.88% Monday, ending at 4,280 yen.
manufacture of critical products for three high technology sectors in both the military and commercial markets: high-density memory products and multi-chip modules for datacommunications and telecommunications providers; ruggedized high-legibility flat panel displays for commercial /military aircraft and ordinance delivery systems; interface storage and retrieval devices, and electromechanical assemblies for OEM's in commercial and military markets.
The French government deals with requests for the 2.4GHz licenses each year, generally for fixed line datacommunications networks.
MEET A BROAD RANGE of labeling requirements for electrical and datacommunications applications.
PTI's products are targeted towards high-performance, mission-critical networking solutions in industries such as telecommunications, datacommunications, financial services, transportation and defense industry applications.
For large companies, such as the Cocoa Board, which has more sophisticated requirements like datacommunications and has acquired its own closed communications networks for internal use, the situation is not too dire.
"Wireless MobileCommunications: The infrastructure for ubiquitous wireless DataCommunications is rapidly expanding" pp.
Tbe building also houses the first data center built out of Japan for NTT DataCommunications Systems Corporation.