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Put your cursor inside the contents of the database query in your spread sheet; that should cause the External Data toolbar to pop up (exhibit 11, page 56).
After submitting a database query the number of properties meeting the criteria will be displayed.
The time card data is then immediately available for project management tracking and payroll using the popular Cognos Impromptu database query and reporting tool.
The case is usable by learners with varying degrees of proficiency in formulating query strategy and in using a database query interface.
* MAT 131 Training for Use of the Paint Database Query (PDQ) (2)
We recently completed a comparison test for a software client's database query software tool against two of its competitors.
(Melton 1998) This new database query language will allow traditional relational database management system products to model and access objects in an "object-oriented manner." The older SQL-92 has no facilities for creating complex data types.
Teare says it has not been done before because the added overhead of an additional database query would make the search engine process too slow.
Impromptu, an interactive database query, access, and report writing tool, gives users the ability to locate data quickly.
SCFA is currently testing other database query capabilities as well.
In this application, a sentence submitted to the semantic parser is some representation of a user's question, and the resulting meaning is a formal query in a database query language that is then submitted to a database-management system to retrieve the (hopefully) appropriate answers.
Many tools exist for this purpose, including message exchange, direct database query techniques, and screen scrapers (a software robot controlled by the new application that "types" on the terminal interface of the existing system and "reads" the answer from the reply screens).
* Learn to use database query languages and how to prepare customized database reports.
The Webmedx solution unlocks data from medical transcription through a unique combination of natural language processing (NLP) and other database query tools.