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This paper proposes two algorithms that calculate the metrics exclusively for database applications viz.
Alpha Five Version 7 continues the tradition of providing exceptional usability, productivity and utility for database application developers, allowing users to rapidly create and deploy sophisticated desktop and web-based applications without having to write code.
It is a part of the Data Harmony suite of database applications.
The Informix Target NT Initiative will provide free development licenses for NT developers to build database applications on Informix Dynamic Server.
Working with a variety of database applications to maintain content and web servers for serving pages, Story-Server 3 has been adopted by large web content providers such as CNET and Time Warner's
In contrast with spreadsheet applications, database applications have a much greater degree of acceptance in both samples in both the perceived and actual usefulness.
Author and C# expert Anne Boehm draws upon her more than twenty years of experience and expertise as a programmer specializing in Visual Basic and .NET, and as the author of several previous computer reference works, to instruct C# developers on employing C# 2008 and ADO.NET 3.5 for creating professional quality database applications. Of special note are the twenty-three complete database applications that showcase programming practices utilizing data sources and datasets for Rapid Application Development and prototyping of Windows Forms applications.
A veteran database designer guides casual Office Access users to the next level: developing database applications with Access 2007 VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).
More than half the nation's top 100 newspapers have adopted the Caspio Bridge platform, which enables non-developers to create and deploy online database applications fast and without programming skills.
The company's products work in concert to intelligently discover database applications; assess and prioritize the level of specific risk; shield the assets during remediation; and monitor and audit all activity in real-time thereby grounding security and compliance efforts where data lives.
Plenty of practical real-life examples pepper instruction on how to use compilers, enhance and change database applications, and more.
MobileDataforce, Inc., provider of Rapid Application Development Solutions for Mobile Environments (RADS-ME), has launched PointSync 3.0, described as a complete system for developing and operating end-to-end mobile software applications on handheld computers that synchronize with in-house enterprise database applications. It is a graphically-rich development environment that enables one to develop end-to-end mobile solutions with minimal coding.
OrindaBuild V5.0 has been designed to generate Java source code that bridges the gap between users' existing Oracle database applications and web service toolkits such as Apache Axis.
All data is stored on disks in block form (without file-system formatting), whether originating from applications as blocks (as in most database applications) or as files.
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