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Synonyms for replication

Synonyms for replication

the act of making copies

(genetics) the process whereby DNA makes a copy of itself before cell division

a quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one)

(law) a pleading made by a plaintiff in reply to the defendant's plea or answer

the repetition of a sound resulting from reflection of the sound waves

copy that is not the original

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the repetition of an experiment in order to test the validity of its conclusion

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The true potential of data synchronization is fully realized as we build on standards and synchronize item information according to our own needs, both for in-network, GDSN-compliant suppliers and out-of-network ones.
Agentrics serves over 250 customers, including 17 of the world's top 25 retailers, in sourcing, supply chain collaboration, global data synchronization and product lifecycle management.
1SYNC offers a range of data synchronization services that eliminate costly data errors, increase supply chain efficiencies, and promote the advancement of next generation technologies, such as the Electronic Product Code[TM] (EPC).
The awards were given to companies that have demonstrated leadership qualities in adopting and implementing data synchronization, supporting industry standards, and aggressively gearing teams globally", said Pamela Stegeman, Vice President, Supply Chain and Technology, GMA.
This collaboration between GS1 Canada and 1SYNC strengthens our ability to maximize the value of data synchronization for trading partners by allowing for the seamless exchange of supply chain data across North America.
They are also looking to expand data synchronization with all non-perishable suppliers by the end of 2006.
By providing this free software to the community, we hope that companies will take advantage of the tremendous benefits data synchronization technology can bring to their businesses.
Agentrics has the breadth and depth of technology to offer a single point of connectivity for global data synchronization within the Swiss marketplace.
1SYNC(TM), a leading Data Pool and provider of data synchronization services, today announced that it has incorporated the newly-approved standard, the Beverage Country of Bottling attribute, into its Data Pool solution.
1SYNC(TM), a leading Data Pool and provider of data synchronization services, today announced that six major retailers have identified key product categories for suppliers to focus their data synchronization activities.
This patent-pending data synchronization technology makes it easier to support remote and mobile database users, making Saratoga's CRM technology an attractive alternative to less nimble CRM software competitors and to software-as-service alternatives that are subject to outages or web connectivity issues.
amp; BARCELONA, Spain -- GXS, a leading provider of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce solutions, and GS1 Spain today announced an agreement to develop and manage a highly-advanced, global data synchronization network (GDSN)-compliant data pool.
We were pleased to have NewBay involved in our event in Montreal, where they successfully completed interoperability tests with other Data Synchronization v1.
RedTail Solutions, the leading provider of outsourced solutions for supply chain visibility including electronic trading and global data synchronization (GDS), today announced that Catania Spagna Corporation has become the latest company to adopt RedTail's GDS Software as a Service (SaaS) platform: RedTail Transaction Manager(TM) with Xpress Conveyor (RTTM-XC).