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Global Next Generation Data Storage Market Competitive Landscape
In 2014 Akonia holographies unveiled its photopolymer holographic data storage prototype system that demonstrated a data storage density of 1.35TB per square inch (TB refers to a terabyte equivalent to 1024 gigabytes), which the company claimed as the highest yet achieved anywhere--and yet no commercial product was produced.
Creating a nonprofit, membership-based, community data storage service for public and private organizations is a valuable service to have available in New England.
The mechanisms of wave-vortex duality and vortex coupling found in fluid dynamics (Buhler 2005) provides sufficient analogy to the above described systems to further uphold the conjecture that fluid mechanics describes a system of data storage and processing in this conceptual framework.
After a thorough assessment of the needs of your organization, you can begin to look at the different data storage options that are available through service providers--such as cloud storage, where data is stored in virtualized pools hosted by third parties, and managed storage solutions based on traditional enterprise technologies, such as storage area network (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS).
Tandberg Storage, headquartered in Lysaker, Norway, develops and manufactures advanced data storage products based on the LTO standard.
Enterprises are recognizing through media hype surrounding ILM that it is something worth investing in, and are quite rightly looking to this new concept to improve the efficiency of their data storage management.
It offers enterprise storage customers a powerful tape automation solution designed to support intensive data storage volumes.
"We have the telecommunications technology to become a centre of off-site data storage," says Marinig.
Objective Data Storage has introduced Filelink USS version 3.0, a platform independent optical storage management solution for jukebox libraries and desktop optical devices.
Harddriving and inwardly focused, EMC once seemed determined to push very expensive data storage equipment down the throats of customers faced with little choice.
Magnetic data storage technology has been following Moore's law, with data storage density doubling every 18 months.
11 events sparked a surge in interest in data storage and protection, he says.
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