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Olmstead products are used in credit unions of all sizes that want an intuitive, flexible data processing system - backed by the best support in the industry.
Compliance Commander works with any credit union data processing system and any standard or proprietary database.
is an efficient, in-house data processing system that uses the business logic scripting capabilities of the 4GL and the Progress RDBMS, the leading embedded database, to tightly integrate critical business tasks running against today's leading embedded database technology.
0 for Java expedites the implementation of robust, fault tolerant automated clearance data processing system
The PurpleEyes patents cover an optical reader technology system that recognizes and reads images and text which, when interpreted by a data processing system, will provide an appropriate response that is directly related to the image or text being scanned.
empowering taxpayers to decide what records to keep and how to respond to changes in their data processing systems (as well as to lost or damaged records).
9 billion multi-bank holding company for New York Community Bank and New York Commercial Bank, today announced that the integration of its commercial bank data processing systems has been successfully completed.
The RS4100C's robust packaging, high port density, standard interfaces, and programmability make it ideal for designers of high-density, high-availability voice and data processing systems who require E1/T1 connectivity and telco quality," said Ned Viands, product manager for technical OEM products at Ariel Corp.
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