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Synonyms for log

Synonyms for log

a segment of the trunk of a tree when stripped of branches

the exponent required to produce a given number

a written record of messages sent or received

a written record of events on a voyage (of a ship or plane)

measuring instrument that consists of a float that trails from a ship by a knotted line in order to measure the ship's speed through the water

enter into a log, as on ships and planes

cut lumber, as in woods and forests

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The CR 600 XP is a PC-based system using open-system software packages in conjunction with PLCs to provide Windows-based applications for visualization, process control, supervisory monitoring and data logging in a real-time environment.
The Dodman tenderometer features TR units read from a backlit, programmable LCD display; overload protection to prevent blade damage; and data logging via a laptop or other system.
Typical applications are automated test and measurement, data logging, temperature measurement, laboratory automation, portable data acquisition, product test, electronics test, and research and development.
The wireless transmitter option sends readings to remote locations and allows for PC-based chart recording and data logging. Omega Engineering, Inc.
It offers a standard RS485/RS232 interface and Windows-compatible software for easy system configuration and data logging. The monitor accepts RTD (resistance temperature detector) and thermocouple inputs, and it can sense a multitude of 4mA to 20 mA signals.
The QUV also features built-in computerized data logging. Quick and easy connections are now standard for attaching one or more QUVs to a personal computer or to a local area network.
Four analogue outputs are available as standard for connection to external data logging, and full PC data logging is available as an option, say Instron Ltd of Coronation Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, tel:0149 446 4646.
The instruments feature a long battery life for 5,000 tests, data logging capabilities (up to 1,000 data sets) and the ability to export data using the 900 Series Data Hub with infrared data transfers.
With an advanced data logging system, a statistical analysis of blender performance is provided.
Refrigeration is provided by a Thermo King and includes a data logging unit, offering full traceability.
By using the proprietary RTR-500 Series Base Unit, the recorded data in the RTR-507 can not only be collected via wireless communication, but can also be used for data monitoring, warning monitoring and data management through networks to construct a data logging system to match the needs and environment of the user.
Data logging, graphical display and trending for all process variables is viewed via the display screen.
This system features an alpha-numeric display that allows products to be stored by name and also connects the oven to a PC for data logging.
Models are available with a USB connection or wireless interface for real-time data logging to a computer.
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