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AIR has long been a proponent of open standards and in 1993 developed the UNICEDE(R) data format, which was made available to the industry.
When information was paper-based, data formats were not as important.
This article is based on the previously carried out systematic literature review of the research direction in Big Data projects using Hadoop Technology, MapReduce kind of framework and compact data formats such as Avro and Parquet (Plase 2016).
Private firms and the public sector all store useful travel information in various kinds of data formats, which throws up obstacles for the instant machine-to-machine communication that is key to the future of intelligent mobility.
"We believe that consumer banks will submit the corrected data formats during the month of May," Lutfi said.
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The Investor Advisory Committee issues its recommendation that the SEC adopt machine-readable data formats, such as XBRL, throughout its system of corporate and financial-industry disclosures.
The ADAC move comes in line with its decision to meet the upcoming November 15 UAE government deadline for the transition to the new ICAO flight plan data formats.
"Customers are faced with a wide variety of data formats in today's analytics workflows, so we're excited about the integration of Informatica HParser with Amazon Elastic MapReduce," said Peter Sirota, general manager of Amazon Elastic MapReduce.
Capability: MultiCAD Direct Import XVL converters translate all major CAD and 3-D data formats to the XVL file format for computer graphics data.
The various tools used within the process often utilize custom data formats, which lead to system implementations requiring heavy use of real-time or post-processing data converters.
The CAD editor can draw and arrange graphic objects, while the integrated converter imports DXF/DWG, HPGL, and IGES data formats, and BMP, TIE JPG, and PCX pixel formats.
The enhanced version offers several new features including support for the Microsoft Windows Vista platform, enhanced database support, direct access to more data formats, and the power to combine time and location-based analysis.
DaimlerChrysler, for instance, receives measurement data in more than 2,000 different data formats, requiring dozens of programmers to sift through all of it to make sure it is understood by its CAD and product lifecycle management systems.
XEUS enables the sender to verify the validity of data and convert data formats when compressing data, the tasks that are typically handled by the receiver handset, thus achieving decoding at high speed.