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the activity of converting data or information into code

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Linda Kuenning, one of the owners of Western Ohio True Value, says the store's POS system uses data encryption software to safeguard customers from credit theft and that the system is compliant with most of the PCI standards.
TIP surveyed more than 150 information security professionals from North American Fortune(R) 1000 enterprises about implementation and spending plans, vendors, and products in 43 information security technology categories, including email and data encryption software to provide infrastructure security.
The study, released 23 December 2003, describes PC Guardian as the leading "challenger" in a crowded field of data encryption software solutions, ahead of solutions developed by numerous other firms, including IBM and Microsoft.
PC Guardian Europe Ltd, developer of client-based data encryption software,, announced the release of Beta 3 for version 7 of Encryption Plus Hard Disk, the firm's data protection software program.
Data encryption software is useful only if employees encode files each time they are used.
com)-- Mac users now have vastly improved options for protecting their data as Jetico, developer of world-class data encryption software (http://www.
Avanquest Kommunicate, a provider of Business Process Management products and the UK distributor of Data Encryption software for PC Guardian, Technologies Inc, has released Encryption Plus Email 3.
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