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The PREMIS Working Group, which was sponsored by OCLC and RLG, established a data model to assist in organizing the data dictionary and to be a focal point for understanding which types of entities the semantic units applied to and the relationships between them.
No special meetings were necessary to agree on how to "translate" the proprietary XML data dictionary for auditing purposes since XBRL GL is a universal standard.
The following data fields are included in the data dictionary and were used to develop a custom database for use with the pocket PC:
"The Exposure Draft of the Originations Data Dictionary is a giant step toward a more efficient market, benefiting borrowers, mortgage bankers and lenders, as well as other market participants.
Data flowing from the task computer may be transformed from controller-specific units and data types to those specified in the data dictionary.
The operating units must share a common data dictionary, so that data elements in the electronic records mean the same thing in every facility.
It clearly appears from the responses, which are mapped into Table II and Figure 2, that the Data Flow Diagram and the Data Dictionary functions of the CASE product are contributing the most to the software engineer's productivity improvements over manual methods.
Complete Data Dictionary pages for every key and for every composite key element (a new dictionary page is created automatically by Excelerator whenever a new data element is specified during report or screen design);
Traditional DG capabilities (business glossary, data dictionary and catalog, lineage mapping, policy authoring) are integrated with data modeling, enterprise architecture, and business process for greater visibility, control and value, including data impact analysis to manage change with lower risks and costs.
• The new Export to Microsoft Excel function allows you to easily document your data dictionary.
(Contains 16 tables and 7 notes on tables.) [For the support documents, see: (1) Terms and Definitions (ED513958); (2) Technical Notes (ED513959); (3) Questionnaire (ED513953); and (4) Data Dictionary (ED513949).]
An implementation guide was developed by AHIP and BCBSA, which contains technical standards, a data dictionary and operating rules for transferring PHR data from one insurance plan to another.
1 most important deliverable MISMO created, we will all say it's logical data dictionary (LDD).
OCLC announced that the Preservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies (PREMIS) Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata was awarded the Society of American Archivists' Preservation Publication Award.