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the state of being secret

discretion in keeping secret information

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Data confidentiality can be easily achieved by utilizing physiological features as encryption key since they are long, random, and time-variant.
All remote access to head office applications should be done over encrypted VPNs (either IPsec or SSL) which as already mentioned, will protect data confidentiality.
(1) Data Confidentiality. The unauthorized users that are not the intended receivers defined by the data owner should be prevented from accessing the health and social data.
water-tight SLAs and the highest degree of data confidentiality. With the 24x7
An integrated suite of bespoke web, cryptographic, analysis and payments processing systems supports the HomePay products, ensuring strong user authentication and strict data confidentiality.
The EDPS calls for the exclusion of the installation and use of devices for the purpose of allowing employers to survey remotely, in real time, drivers' movements; for the general modalities on the use of personal information from tachographs to be clearly defined in the proposal; and for security requirements to be further developed, in particular with a view to preserving data confidentiality.
United States: On the whole, Washington has the same criticisms: the lack of dialogue, the problem of data confidentiality and cumbersome and costly procedures.
With one device deployed at each facility (and supporting pairs of devices for those sites requiring fault tolerance), Net encryptors provide both data confidentiality and endpoint authentication for network traffic, resulting in high-confidence VPN communications.
This section provides an overview to the survey's purpose, its content and format, its requirements, the reporting process and fees, and the procedures for maintaining data confidentiality. Subsequent sections provide a step-by-step guide to the tasks that need to be performed by District Survey Coordinators.
Easily managed data confidentiality without sacrificing performance
* Security - by adhering to stringent data confidentiality provisions
Without crying ruin and whilst appearing for the moment to have abandoned blackmail based on jobs and relocation, industry maintains a number of reservations, notably regarding research and innovation, the capacity of SMEs to adapt, and data confidentiality.
-Increased competition, by supporting data confidentiality and integrity
His report is classified, but its broad outlines are known: in spite of Europe's agitation in 2006 over the SWIFT case, the report concludes that the United States respected its data confidentiality commitments.
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