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a conference of people who are in different locations that is made possible by the use of such telecommunications equipment as closed-circuit television

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SMART Hub SE Co SMART Hub SE is a collaboration appliance that provides basic whiteboarding and data conferencing without a PC.
The research findings highlight the difficulties even leading companies have had in merging "older" venues such as the physical work space of meeting rooms with newer, virtual, venues like email, project web sites, and video and data conferencing.
Prior to September 11th, Christie's firm had already begun to use videoconferencing and Placeware conferencing, a form of data conferencing." "We've been using these conference tools a lot more since the event, however, and I think we're finding that you can get a lot of business done that way," she adds.
Video and Data Conferencing The most recent guide in the series, produced in association with BT Conferencing, shows how businesses can bring working groups at different geographic locations together, through video and data conferencing technology.
"Voyant's ReadiVoice gives us the power to customize features, further strengthening our brand and solidifying our market leadership position," said Scott Etzler, president and CEO of InterCall, an provider of voice and data conferencing. "Now, with ReadiVoice 2.00.0, not only will we have additional features that we can customize, but we will also have the power to create and implement our own features to further offer our customers the ultimate communication solution and set us apart from our competitors."
According to IDC, the collaborative applications market - which consists of solutions for integrated collaborative environments (ICE), team collaborative applications (TCA), standalone enterprise email, standalone service provider email, real-time data conferencing, and group calendaring/scheduling - is expected to hit $3.1 billion in software revenues worldwide this year.
The newly available synchronous tools come in several varieties, but the basic features include video, voice and data conferencing. Video conferencing, the feature that has received the greatest attention, has had the slowest market growth because it demands very large amounts of expensive bandwidth.
With all of the necessary expertise and equipment available from one supplier, Madge makes it easier for customers to plan, set-up and complete a working assessment of a single or multi-premise video network carrying applications such as data conferencing and simple video communications.
The highly reliable (99.999 percent), upgradable servers have been designed to support a range of multi-media applications and technologies, including call centers, wireless, messaging, and voice, video and data conferencing.
Sony Electronics has introduced a video and data conferencing system that seamlessly integrates the best features of a traditional group system with PC-based data sharing.
140 and defines a simple data protocol for text conversation in a data conferencing environment.
Two new approaches involving groupware technology have emerged in recent years: video conferencing and desktop data conferencing. Video conferencing requires a camera and a screen display on each end of a conference.
Recently, we used this approach to create a line of desktop conferencing products, including both video conferencing (ProShare [TM] Video System 200) and data conferencing systems (ProShare Personal Conferencing software).
This combined video and data conferencing technology allows their employees to share and cooperatively edit CAD diagrams, HD quality images, video clips and other files native to their laptop or desktop in real-time.
Designed for presentation, broadcast, data conferencing and training applications, the NP1000 and NP2000 digital installation projectors feature integrated networking, built in RJ-45, five optional bayonet lenses and lamp saver technologies.
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