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Synonyms for analysis

Synonyms for analysis

the separation of a whole into its parts for study

a close or systematic study

Synonyms for analysis

a form of literary criticism in which the structure of a piece of writing is analyzed

the use of closed-class words instead of inflections: e

a branch of mathematics involving calculus and the theory of limits

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Keywords: Production Data Analysis Type Curve Flowing Material Balance Decline Curve Material Balance Time
As a result of an exclusive global alliance with Reinvent Data and its TopCAATs solution, TeamMate's Audit Management and Controls Management systems now offer powerful data analysis functionality in every audit.
The VC urged the graduating trainees to share with their colleagues and research students the knowledge and data analysis skills they learnt during the training.
Forensic data analysis compares and analyzes different or disparate types of information in ways that aren't performed normally.
Key words: data analysis, business intelligence, data cube, datawarehouse
This section will focus on two currently available software solutions to perform the data analysis. We focus on two Classes of software solutions: MapReduce-like software, and commercially available shared-nothing parallel databases.
"With this latest release, Citrus Replay brings data quality and data analysis within the reach of every business," said David Ross, Director, Citrus Technology.
The fluff, reviewers comment, and marketing hype around this book include such revelations as "Load important statistical concepts directly into your brain" and "Wouldn't it be dreamy if there was a book on data analysis that wasn't just a glorified printout of Microsoft Excel help files?" However, this volume is just a little bit different from what you may be used to in an intro book or "Dummies Guide." Employing real life examples, an Excel spreadsheet, and the R programming language, the author attempts to structure problem solving in a way that will be exciting and stick to (or in) your brain.
Methods and techniques of intelligent data analysis, also known as data mining algorithms, have become an important research area, because their joint application with traditional data analysis can reveal knowledge--hidden relations, behavioral patterns, entity profiles, and similar regularities in data stored in large databases or warehouses.
The latest edition of Pearson's Inform student data analysis and decision-making program includes enhanced support for linking assessment to instruction and a new Rtl connection.
Any involved in database management in general and Access in particular will want the ACCESS DATA ANALYSIS COOKBOOK, a survey which shows how to solve common problems of extracting data and performing calculations from large databases.
The three core elements for audit and financial professionals are: immediate access to company data, a full range of audit-specific commands for improved data analysis and reporting capabilities to easily view and share audit information.
For example, statistical fundamentals (such as the normal distribution and probability) are presented within the context of sampling theory early on in the text, which lays the groundwork for the later chapter on quantitative data analysis, which discusses issues of central tendency, dispersion, and statistical inference.
Statistical Methods for Spatial Data Analysis offers plenty of information for the analysis of spatial data in a variety of disciplines.
I make this choice with the belief that engagement is the only way to inspire students to pursue qualitative work in sociology, and the conviction that I have a better chance of engaging students by exposing them to additional strategies than with additional time spent on data analysis.
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