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any of several small ungulate mammals of Africa and Asia with rodent-like incisors and feet with hooflike toes

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Caption: Silicon Designs' Model 3330 and Model 3340 G-Logger Data Acquisition System.
The LDS production data acquisition system is an attractive option for three user groupings.
By implementing the intelligence of the data acquisition system on the computer, the data is stored in the computer where it is available for analysis, presentation, and permanent storage -- and can take advantage of the latest PC technology.
A grandmaster clock based on GPS can be integrated to serve as an absolute time source when one or more data acquisition systems are not in the same network but the resulting data needs to be analyzed quickly.
These features make the SomatXR data acquisition system a good choice for drive and durability testing of construction machines, agricultural machines, and mining machines, and for summer and winter road testing of automobiles.
The signal conditioning sends these cleaned up signals to a data acquisition system, which turns the analog sensor signals into a digital signal that the computer can analyze or save for later.
A high-quality LAN data acquisition system has been integrated into the compact 1/2 x 19'' tabletop unit.
Control Company's Computer Data Acquisition System with USB Cable is a powerful and easy to use computer data capture program that works with Traceable Instruments with computer output.
LDS Test and Measurement has launched the latest version of its Nicolet data acquisition system and transient recorder, the Genesis 5i.
A data sample is sent by the on-board data acquisition system to the UMTRI facility in Ann Arbor, MI, via cellular modem each time the ignition is turned off so researchers can assess the system's operational state, and ensure that the vehicle isn't being abused.
The nonlinearity system uses a computer controlled data acquisition system to acquire and process the data.
The more realistic answer is a data acquisition system specifically tailored to get the answers you need.
The images are displayed on a PC data acquisition system and can be recorded for instant playback or later analysis.
The high-capacity WR1000 portable data acquisition system from Western Graphtec, Irvine, Calif.
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