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Synonyms for turban

a traditional Muslim headdress consisting of a long scarf wrapped around the head

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a small round woman's hat

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Earlier, he performed Dastaar Bandi of Shiraz Haider who was elevated to the status of chief of Gakhar tribe after the demise of his father and former MPA Sultan Raja Iraj Zaman.
Clad in white shalwar qameez and a grey dastaar Ayub Dawar with shuffling gait and gnarled hands was walking with the help of a stick outside Sports Complex in Bannu.
The turban shown is a Dastaar Boonga, or fortress turban worn by Sikh warriors called the Akali Nihangs to protect the head in battle and hold weapons, from the late 19th century in the Punjab.
The turban, known as Dastaar Boonga, was used to protect the head in battle and also held the weapons of the Akali Nihangs warriors.
The state ban went unchallenged until the Eugene School District's 1983 suspension of a Sikh teacher named Karta Kaur Khalsa, who refused to stop wearing a turban, or dastaar, to school.
The blast occurred at a Madrassa on the eve of a Dastaar Bandi.
The exhibition is centred around a replica turban called a Dastaar Boonga or fortress turban which was won by a group of skilled warrior Sikhs called Akali Nihangs.
The issue goes back almost 30 years to a case in Eugene in which a Sikh teacher was suspended from her job in Eugene for wearing a turban, or dastaar, to school.