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United States writer of hard-boiled detective fiction (1894-1961)

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Using particularly the works of Raymond Chandler, James Cain, Dashiell Hammet and the films made from them, Faison demonstrates the existential anomie that permeates them all.
His book consists of small prose pieces written in the style of different detective writers; one in the style of Agatha Christie, another one in the style of Dashiell Hammet etc.
After discovering that its editor, Maxwell Stewart, was "listed with such outstanding Communists and fellow travelers as John Howard Lawson, Langston Hughes, Dashiell Hammet, Haakon Chevalier, etc.
En ese tiempo, Lillian Hellman y Dashiell Hammet fueron proscritos de Hollywood, de la television y de la radio.
Luego, estudio para detective en la misma escuela que lo hiciera el celebre y magnificio Dashiell Hammet.