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Synonyms for Pterocnemia

a genus of birds of the family Rheidae

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"We have said hola to quite a few new arrivals in this enclosure recently including a baby anteater, Darwin's rhea chicks and now four capybara babies.
* The smaller and fluffier of the two rhea species found in South America is commonly known as Darwin's rhea. Its habitat ranges from southern Argentina to Peru and Bolivia.
The populations of sheep predators such as foxes and pumas have boomed, which in turn has led to dramatic reductions in the populations of native species such as Darwin's rhea and the giant Mara mouse.
Senior zoo bird keeper said: "Our Darwin's rhea pair, Evita and Ramon, are in their first breeding season at the zoo and we were hoping we might help them to hatch and rear their first chick this year.
ZOO bird keepers are celebrating after nine chicks emerged from a rare pair of Darwin's rheas.