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a mildly narcotic analgesic drug (trade name Darvon) related to methadone but less addictive

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At a practice scrimmage against the junior varsity last week, he hit running back David Darvon so hard that Darvon's face mask was destroyed.
Product Information: Darvon, propoxyphene hydrochloride.
Since 1991, she has used a total of 11 doctors and had Vicodin prescribed 62 times, Ephedrine 47 times, Darvon 41 times, Valium 39 times, Percocet 21 times, Zoloft 19 times, Rohypnol 17 times, Amprin 11 times and Lithium eight times.
She had also been taking the tranquilizer Valium and the pain-killing drug Darvon.
Similarly, the taxpayer in Lilly presented evidence of arm's-length distribution prices and margins for Darvon while the IRS again pursued a contract manufacturer approach.
His beautiful wife, Treena, was heavily into Valium and Darvon, and Graham himself was eating and drinking too much.
5, Southbridge, charged with possession of heroin, dismissed; possession of Darvon, guilty, supervised probation for one year; conspiracy to violate drug laws, dismissed; shoplifting (third offense), dismissed; larceny under $250, guilty, supervised probation for one year; larceny under $250 (three counts), guilty, supervised probation for 1 year, $211 restitution; furnishing false name or Social Security number, guilty, 2 days in the Worcester County House of Correction, with credit for 2 days served.