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an enveloping or covering membrane or layer of body tissue

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In these cases, the health of the spongiosum and Dartos is critical for a successful outcome of surgery.
skin realignment, dorsal dartos flap, and corporopexy.
Infectious cases originating from the genitalia, the infecting bacteria probably pass through Buck's fascia of the penis and spread along the dartos fascia of the scrotum and penis, Colles' fascia of the perineum, and Scarpa's fascia of the anterior abdominal wall.
Complications can be minimized by applying second layer of Dartos fascia, improving surgical skills, avoidence of hematoma formation and prevention of infection.
It involves two incisions giving an initial incision to mobilize the testis followed by a second scrotal incision pulling down the testis and fixing it in the dartos pouch.
Duas incisoes de aproximadamente 8-10cm de comprimento foram realizadas na pele escrotal, paralelas a rafe mediana e a aproximadamente 2cm desta, atingindo a fascia escrotal e as tunicas dartos e parietal para exposicao do testiculo.
Devine and Horton classified chordee into type I (skin tethering), type II (fibrotic dartos and buck's fascia), type III (corporal disproportion), and type IV (congenital short urethra) [7, 8].
Traditionally if the penis is generally normal and the penile skin, urethral plate, corpus spongiosum, and dartos fascia are suitable for urethral reconstruction, one-stage urethroplasty is the surgery of choice, but in patients who have experienced failed hypospadias repair or in whom the penile skin, urethral plate, and dartos fascia are not suitable for urethral reconstruction, two-staged urethroplasty is recommended [16].
Treatment involves formal delayed repair of the urethra and possible coverage by other tissue such as tunica vaginalis or dartos.
Urethrocutaneous fistula being the most frequent 8 , 9 complication ranging from 0.58% - 16% following Snodgrass repair can be avoided by interposition of a vascularised dartos flap between 10,11 neourethra and overlying skin .
A careful dissection of dartos and subdartos revealed that the tunica vaginalis was adherent to the herniated intestinal loop.
In Malaysia, seven of 12 lepromatous patients treated with 10-12 years of dapsone were found to harbour viable dapsone-sensitive persisters, in at least one of the following four sites: skin, peripheral nerve, skeletal muscle, or dartos muscle.