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Synonyms for dart

Synonyms for dart

Synonyms for dart

a small narrow pointed missile that is thrown or shot

a tapered tuck made in dressmaking

Related Words

a sudden quick movement


move along rapidly and lightly

move with sudden speed

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The other popular theme, which has been going since summer is Nerf dart guns, they are popular.
With a dart gun, a hunter must spot and stalk within close range to get a clean shot, similar to the demands required of a bow hunter.
While I can't be sure this bugelspanner is a dart gun.
His contraptions have included a Lotus sports car that could travel underwater, a wrist dart gun and a mobile phone with a Taser-like weapon facility.
Fresolo could have used a shot from the same sort of tranquilizing dart gun aimed at aggressive bears when they lumber into residential neighborhoods and try to chomp on a letter carrier.
With television helicopters hovering overhead, zookeepers finally cornered Gracie and fired a tranquilizer dart gun, but it only grazed her.
With his cash limited at the beginning of the game, Seaver can only afford the bare essentials -- an advanced handgun and a pneumatic fletchette dart gun.
The vet had to shoot it twice with a dart gun before it conked out.
This week's episode focuses on an epidemic threatening a community of seals, a green veterinarian trying to save a hawk with a broken wing and another vet, whose surgical skills could save a bear - if she can first figure out how to use a dart gun accurately to put the critter to sleep.
His mum Pat, 77, then revealed he had gone to hospital aged seven because he was feared to have swallowed the tip while playing with his dart gun.
Loni, who has Jim Varney as her henchman and Hulk Hogan as her adversary in the flick, reports she handled an AK-47 assault rifle, a dart gun, nun-chucks, handcuffs, a bomb and a whip for her part.
Russian TV later broadcast images (no doubt well choreographed) of Vlad leaning over one of said tigers, dart gun in hand.
The alarm was raised withinminutes but it was an hour before zookeepers managedto confront Maggie and shoot her with a tranquilliser dart gun.
It hits one with a dart gun, then the other, and our vehicle takes off through thorn thickets, following the sound of the animals.
He came to a stop in a grassy field after the three-mile rampage, and was finally sedated with a tranquilliser dart gun.