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Synonyms for dart

Synonyms for dart

Synonyms for dart

a small narrow pointed missile that is thrown or shot

a tapered tuck made in dressmaking

Related Words

a sudden quick movement


move along rapidly and lightly

move with sudden speed

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I loaded the dart with anaesthetic and prepared the dart gun.
Another common misconception is that biologists are available to tranquilize problem animals with dart guns.
TASERS, "NONLETHAL" dart guns with a range of about 15 feet that deliver 50,000-volt electric shocks for five seconds at a time, are under fire for their roles in several civilian deaths and police injuries.
Electrified dart guns called tasers are the weapons of choice of many police officers trying to subdue unruly suspects.
Times have changed--wolves that do kill livestock can be tracked and caught with radio collars, helicopters, and dart guns, and funds are available to compensate ranchers for lost cows--but for many, one misstep on the part of a single wolf still cancels the right of the whole species to exist.
This is the way pellet and dart guns were cocked in the 19th century and it works if there is a good handhold on the barrel.
Visitors were ordered indoors as zookeepers armed with brushes and dart guns chased the red river hogs.
But we are aware that Public Security and the police are shooting these stray dogs and we are speaking to the ministries and government about using dart guns to sedate them instead.
POLICE may be armed with tranquilliser dart guns in a bid to cut fatal shootings by armed officers, it emerged last night.
Anxious staff used dart guns to stun three of the escaped cats.
Johnson is a successful consumer product entrepreneur as he is the inventor of the popular SuperSoaker([R]) water gun and several Nerf([R]) dart guns.
smoothbore dart guns that were very popular, if not that accurate.
In some wide-open work spaces such as call centers and IT departments, workers engage in "cubicle warfare" with KlearGear's foam dart guns and flying toys.
Also, wildlife officials are reluctant to use tranquilizing dart guns on deer in urban areas, where a dart can fall into the wrong hands or a dazed deer can sprint into traffic.
Thrill-seekers who grew up with foam dart guns can now add Xploderz to their arsenal as an alternative to video games.