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(from the Sanskrit word for 'to see') one of six orthodox philosophical systems or viewpoints on the nature of reality and the release from bondage to karma

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(15) En la primera de estas obras se aborda el sistema filosofico (darsana) sankhya, y se asevera que algunos de sus adherentes no afirman la existencia de un dios (nirisvarah), mientras que otros tienen a Isvara como deidad (Isvaradevatah).
There has been significant increase in studies related to organizational and work (Darsana, 2013; Jindal, Bagade and Sharma, 2013; Al-halabi, 2011), organizational (Spaho, 2013; Aljasser et al, 2012; Ariani and Chashmi, 2011; Aula and Siira, 2010) and conflict management in the literature over the last two decades (Ma & Kao, 2008; Ma, 2007; Choudrie, 2005; Cai & Fink, 2002; Rahim, 1992).
Oman regained their lead in the 45th minute through their in-form forward Mahmood Ashoor Ramadhan who dragged a penalty corner into the left hand post of Sri Lankan goalie Darsana Ratnasiri.
Other Indologists question the application of specific terms such as darsana to denote philosophy.
Desert Hawks was thus ordered to withdraw from the frontline from Darsana and Mehrpur after the Brigade Commander realized the predicament of his forces.
[4] Por ese tiempo, ya en plena epoca clasica, la metafisica del samkhya ejerceria su influencia en diversas disciplinas (medicina, politica y leyes) y generos literarios (mitologia, epica y lirica devocional), manteniendo un intenso dialogo con las tradiciones filosoficas ortodoxas del brahmanismo (los seis darsana), asi como con las escuelas heterodoxas del budismo y jainismo.
I told my agitated friend that the Ph.D thesis of the Metropolitan of my church, the late Alexander Mar Thoma was Visvarupa Darsana: A Study of the Vision of God in the Bhagavat Gita.
Patanjala yoga figured among the classical systems (darsana) of Brahmanical philosophy, closely related--and yet distinct--from Sankhya, with which it shared many basic ontological, epistemological and philosophical tenets.
Benny Darsana has re-joined the Ritz-Carlton DIFC as the new director of human resources.
Rania Keedy (right) joins as director of sales and marketing, Lorenzo Maraviglia as director of F&B, Benny Darsana as director of human resources and Hannah George as director of public relations.
Benny Darsana brings nearly 30 years of hospitality experience to The Ritz-Carlton, DIFC, including 18 hotel openings across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
<< Looking Beyond Darsana: A philosophical exploration of the guru's pedagogy in the yoga vasishtha >>, Asian Philosophy, vol.
The cochairs of this workshop were Anita Raja (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) and Darsana Josyula (Bowie State University).
Kapur a ete fascine par la philosophie (darsana) du grand Patanjali, comme s'il se reconnaissait lui-meme dans le profond atheisme de son maitre dont la philosophie etablit de solides liens entre la nature (prakriti) et le moi (purusha), entre le cosmos et le psychique, entre le corps et l'esprit.
The Mahotsav has several modules, such as a food and shopping festival, as well as the Braj Darsana -- a multi- media interactive exhibition.