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South African shrub whose flowers when open are cup-shaped resembling artichokes

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But now file-swapping on the Internet has gone underground, with the development of secure members-only, by-invitation, password-controlled secret networks known as "darknets." These locations are where files are transferred in encrypted form.
While steps have been taken to disrupt their presence online, it appears that these groups are also beginning to migrate to the Darknet.
A subsequent search for the unique artifacts of the malware was successful: an advertising offer describing a strain of ATM malware on a popular DarkNet spot -- AlphaBay - matched the search query and revealed that the initial sample belonged to a whole commercial malware-kit created to jackpot ATMs.
On Thursday, the company revealed that 17 million user records were stolen from its database, including user email addresses and ' hashed' passwords, which landed up for sale on Darknet, a small part of the internet accessed mostly by cybercriminals.
Three years later, 65m passwords have appeared on the darknet marketplace.
This series, Rachel leads the investigation into a serial killer, who operates on the darknet, and her methods create friction with Janet and other members of the team.
Wattigney sold counterfeit coupons through a number of darknet markets, including but not limited to Silk Road, Silk Road 2.0, Agora and Evolution.
The process generally takes two to three weeks and includes a complete audit and archive of all the relevant information about the organisation, its management, its brand and its employees on social media, online blogs, Darknet and other online platforms.
Communication and other scholars from Australia, North America, and Europe discuss internet governance, the darknet, social media's impact on adolescent identity formation, the popularity of social media, video gameplay as coproduction, the use of social media audience metrics in TV audience measurement, black cyberfeminist theory, digital human rights reporting by civilian witnesses, Twitter as a pedagogical tool in higher education, cyberbullying, and other topics.
He carved a niche for himself online, in an obscure corner of cyberspace called the Darknet, where computer geeks get to rub avatars with their hacker heroes.
Every night he logs in to a portal called "Darknet" under the alias "WhoAmI" to socialize virtually with other hackers, but even in this world, being accepted is not as easy as it seems.
GARDAI have arrested two men after smashing a suspected global drug-dealing operation which used a hidden corner of the internet known as the darknet.
The number of people turning to the Darknet in an attempt to safeguard their personal data is indeed increasing.
A "DARKNET" is a private online network that's invisible to the rest of the Internet.