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magnifier of the image of small objects

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Under a darkfield microscope at 1000 diameters of magnification, it looks like a small, thin, white thread with a characteristic wiggling movement.
The Electro-Dermal-Screening and Darkfield Microscope are the methods I use to analyze the child to determine the presence and severity of these factors.
The good forms appear as dancing dots in the darkfield microscope, and on disturbance of the milieu they extend into many larger fungal tubes and bacterial phases invading red blood cells, white blood cells, and free-floating forms.
Lister (the father of Joseph Lister) invented the darkfield microscope, in which the standard brightfield (Abbe) condenser is replaced with a single- or double-reflecting darkfield condenser.
Microzyma were described in the 19th century using oil immersion darkfield microscopes, appearing as variously shaped moving bodies.